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"With over 13 years of experience in the fitness industry and over 600 satisfied clients..."

Welcome to Unrivaled Physiques. We practice honesty, integrity, and a hands on approach while building long term relationships with clients. We use science and proven research to create programs uniquely tailored to each client's needs. With over 13 years of experience in the fitness industry and 600+ satisfied clients ranging from the Pro level to post pregnancy, multiple pro cards in multiple organizations, as well as national pro/am judging experience we are excited for you to allow us to bring you to your full potential.





We offer a range of consulting services, all designed to help you reach unlimited fitness and health potential. Here at Unrivaled Physiques your health is paramount. Each client is unique. Shakes, Pills, Fad diets, one size fits all "meal-plans" will always come and go. We deliver custom proven solutions, tailored to you for a lifetime of happiness. 


As a Published Researcher, former teacher, graduating college GPA of 4.0 - I noticed a complete lack of educated dieters and saw an opportunity to teach in the field with a specific niche towards fitness. I got my start in fitness as I was browsing forums in 2005. I started tracking calories and counting macros on a notebook before apps even existed. I was severely underweight, always the skinny kid. I gained 20lbs in a year naturally. I started lifting by implementing protocols from reading, research, and my education. I had been lifting for two years consistently; personal trainers suggested I should do a bodybuilding show in which I took. I placed in my first show and decided to move forward with the idea of creating a virtual business. Unrivaled was born and after my research was published it took off and has seen unprecedented growth since helping clients is my passion and I am deeply moved to assist in achieving health both external and internal. 


"We believe in a unique and customized consulting program for each and every client using science and experience."


I first stepped on stage in 2011 with a 3rd place. I hold 3 Pro Cards in 3 Organizations in both Men’s Open Bodybuilding and Open Men's Physique as well as being a former sponsored athlete. When I realized what I could achieve by applying science based methodology to my training and eating, the results were evident in my physique. I started sharing my knowledge by helping friends and family. I created Unrivaled Physiques as a business in 2013. Since then I have coached hundreds of clients. Every single competitor has placed or won in his or her show. Hundreds of pounds of fat lost, hundreds of pounds of muscles gained. I am motivated by my clients’ success and ability to meet their varying goals. 



Gavin is a shining asset to the Unrivaled Team. He is not only a Licensed Registered Dietitian, but also a veteran and United States Marine. Gavin was born in Georgia and raised in Alabama. His passion for wellness and helping others came from many near death experiences serving in the United States Marine Corps from 2010-2014. Once his term was over serving his country he took up where he left off and continued his education to serve you! He began to coach full time online as of 2016 while finalizing his degrees in Nutrition and Dietetics in 2019. He himself struggled with being overweight until joining the Marines and his transformation is nothing short of incredible. He has both education and competition experience in the NPC and NGA as well as being a licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. 


Toni Lee’s involvement in athletics began from a young age. She was a triathlete in high school as well as being president of the Multi language club, and Spanish Honors Society; all while holding a 5.2 GPA. 


She refocused her athletic efforts during college onto bodybuilding and earned multiple 1st place awards in Figure, Fitness, and Bikini at only 19. She earned her pro card in the natural organizations at 21 and is now Nationally Qualified in the NPC as well, pursuing IFBB Pro status. Toni has also filmed fitness segments for WCTV. 


Aside from her multiple levels of fitness she also holds degrees from Florida State University in Biology, Chemistry, and Advanced Mathematics.


"Many women are natural givers; my mission statement is to support women in giving back to themselves. Whether the client’s goal is stepping on stage, getting ready for a wedding, giving thanks to their body after becoming a mother, or something in-between, I look forward to applying my expertise to enable women to make personal wellness an illuminating part of their persona."

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