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Unrivaled Physiques offers the below packages. Each program is completely customized and tailored to each client's needs.

Basic Weight Loss - Off Season - Reverse Diet Plan

This is our most popular package. The benefits of this package extend beyond what you will sign up for. Learning the fundamentals of nutrition through flexible dieting while implementing supplements and cardio properly. We focus on teaching beginners as well as advanced clients metabolic building, muscle building or maintaining, and deter fat gain or swiftly shed it. At Unrivaled Physiques it is our commitment to teach you why we make the choices we do; to give you a sense of sovereignty over your diet, and the knowledge to maintain your successes long-term. It is a balanced approach to fitness and nutrition that allows flexibility so you can better adhere for your lifestyle not a timed period or a "quick fix" scam


1 Month- $425*
3 Months- $885
6 Months- $1605
9 Months- $1985
12 Months - $2550



Advanced Programming


This package takes our most popular package above and turns up the heat. Advanced Programming includes a lift-form cohort of biomechanical film review in conjunction with individualized, proper form instruction. The foundation provided lays the groundwork for the client as personalized, data-driven formulation is calculated with deliberate precision through Excel, to foster strength acquisition. It is the fast track to success.


This plan is highly recommended for clients with interest in one or permutations of the following: 

  • Balancing caloric intake and cardiovascular exercises while simultaneously gaining strength and losing fat

  • Enhancing body composition by transitioning a greater percentage of body composition to muscle

  • Learning proper techniques for essential compound movements


Our recommendations provide concrete guidelines. We work for you to eliminate the guesswork of constructing an optimal training regime. Advanced Programming safely and scientifically builds power and strength by calculating optimal repetition ranges and load while using mathematical periodization to avert adaptations and promote continual progress. 


3 Months- $905
6 Months- $1635
9 Months- $2250
12 Months - $2650


Competition Prep

This service is tailored to those who are interested in entering a competition. Whether you’re looking to compete for the first time, step back on stage with the goal of targeting areas that judges from your last show critiqued, or aiming to bring your physique to an unrivaled level for a pro show, we offer services for you. Second thoughts on your own diet/macros, guessing which exercise to perform, which supplements to take, and how to augment peak weak based on your explicit needs will be a gamble of the past.  We take the guessing out of prep and utilize science to ensure every minute of your prep is optimized and your instructions will be finite.

24 weeks - $1605
20 weeks - $1355
18 weeks - $1225
16 weeks - $1120
14 weeks - $985
Less than 12 - contact directly


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