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otein supplements: Which one should you buy? What are the differences? What does better in actual lab testing?

Here's a quick reference to specific proteins and their functionality within keeping and growing that lean muscle.

First and foremost nothing will replace real food but if you struggle to hit the higher protein numbers that's required to sustain your athletic physique nothing beats whey protein in lab testing.

Typically I recommend either an isolate especially for those who are lactose intolerant and/or a blend which can have whey iso/concentrate and casein so you have all of the benefits.

Beef protein sounds awesome especially to most men but in actuality it's typically full of basic fillers like glutamine and creatine so you end up paying extra for basically nothing.

Pea protein can be excellent for those who have food allergies but remember vegetables contain fewer amino acids so you will need more than normal amounts compared to non-vegetable based protein.

Hope this helps you decide 💪💪

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